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Project Overview (Video from

"Heroes of Ukraine" Benefit Dinner)


Dr. Amanda Mayo and Dr. Larry Robinson, Chief of St. John's Rehab at Sunnybrook Hospital with Dr. Ruslan Dobrovolsky and Col. Dr. Vsevolod Stebliuk

The project was officially launched in Toronto on December 19, 2014 during a special benefit dinner welcoming over 400 guests, including prominent Ukrainian and Canadian  political leaders and medical experts.  

Funds raised enabled the project to finance the first fact-finding meeting in Canada between Ukrainian medical staff treating injured veterans, and Canadian experts in the field of rehabilitation medicine. ​​

The event was the springboard for knowledge exchange activities between Canadian and Ukrainian physical medicine and rehab specialists


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​​​The Guardian Angels Ukraine Project is a non-profit humanitarian initiative supported by the LUCW under the auspices of the International Council in Support of Ukraine. 

The project’s mission is to support the medical treatment, rehabilitation, and social integration of Ukraine's wounded soldiers and victims of the Euromaidan attacks. In Ukraine, the project works with Ukraine's Ministry of Defence, its network of military hospitals, academic institutions, local NGO's, civilian rehabilitation facilities, charitable foundations, physicians, and psychologists.

The project carries out its humanitarian activities in Ukraine as a registered charitable organization (Благодійна організація БТ «Ангели Хоронителі України»)

Colonel Dr. Vsevolod Stebliuk, Special Advisor to Ukraine's Minister of Defence for Medical Issues, chairs the project's Experts Working Group, together with leading Ukrainian military and medical experts working in the field of rehabilitation medicine and psychology, as well as representatives of Ukraine’s leading academic institutions.         

Lisa Shymko is the project's Canadian Honorary Chair. (Про Лесю Шимко)



  • Establishing rehab centres
  • Facilitating Canada-Ukraine expert knowledge exchange
  • Launching first service dog program for Ukrainian vets
  • Securing medical and rehab equipment
  • Utilizing advances in new technologies                                                                                        
Medical services
  • Rehabilitation
  • Psycho-physical therapy
  • ​Social integration
  • Educational reform
  • ​Knowledge exchange
  • ​Ministry of Defense of Ukraine
  • Ukrainian Military Medical Academy
  •  National Technical University of Ukraine Kiev Polytechnic Institute
  • The University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy
  • ​Queen's University
  • International Centre for the Advancement of Community Based Rehabilitation
  • Health Mission Outreach
  • St. John's Rehab- Sunnybrook Hospital
  • BCU Foundation



​As part of our project's focus on the treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), we have launched our Hero’s Companion project which aims to pair quality trained service dogs with veterans of the Ukrainian armed forces and Ukrainian volunteer battalions who continue to struggle with PTSD and other invisible injuries inflicted by time spent in combat operations.

Lieutenant Col. Dr. Vivian McAlister, Lisa Shymko, the Hon. Peter MacKay, Col. Dr. Vsevolod Stebliuk


  • strengthen physical and psychological rehab services
  • assist amputees
  • facilitate educational reform & curriculum development
  • combat PTSD
  • ​support social integration                                                                                

On April 27, 2015, the Guardian Angels Ukraine project helped finance the opening of the first Centre for Psychophysical Rehabilitation of Ukrainian servicemen located at the Irpin Military Hospital near Kyiv. The centre treats veterans of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, including the National Guard, and territorial defence battalions, hundreds of whom have sustained serious injuries during Anti-Terrorist Operations (ATO) in eastern Ukraine.  

The opening of the centre was preceded by a national media press conferfencein Ukraine on the eve of the NATO-sponsored conference on rehabilitation medicine in Ukraine.

  • Canadian Forces Health Services Group HQ      Department of National Defence- Rehab Program
  • The Ottawa Hospital Rehabilitation Centre
  • ​Canadian Physiotherapy Association
  • ​Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists

Canadian Project Representatives:

Lisa Shymko, Honorary Chair- Guardian Angels Ukraine

Kalyna Kardash, Hero's Companion Project Director
Tel. 416-763-8907 or guardianangelsukraine@lucw.ca

Supporting the medical and rehab needs

of women in Ukraine's Armed Forces

Project participant and implementing partner, Vadym Sviridenko