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LUCW, LUC, and Canadian Friends of Ukraine host a tribute dinner honoring Senator Raynell Andreychuk and MP James Bezan, the Canadian parliamentary architects of federal legislation recognizing the Famine-Genocide of 1932-33 as an act of genocide against the Ukrainian people. Minister Jason Kenney delivered greetings from Prime Minister Harper.

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LUCW and LUC members attend the Second Reading in Ontario's Legislature marking the passage of historic Holodomor recognition legislation. The legislation was put forth by Dave Levac, MPP and co-sponsored by parliamentarians Frank Klees and Cheri DiNovo, passed with all-party support. 

Holodomor Genocide Awareness

The League of Ukrainian Canadian Women (LUCW) and the League of Ukrainian Canadians (LUC) have initiated a number of projects to strengthen international awareness of Ukraine's famine genocide. 

The LUCW and LUC have worked with three levels of government in Canada to have the Sovier-era Holodomor famine genocide of 1932-33 officially recognized as an act of genocide. Our joint advocacy efforts have worked to ensure the passage of federal, provincial, and municipal legislation recognizing the genocide and memorializing its victims in the month of November of each year.

We have worked to raise awareness of the genocide by working with government officials, historians, educators, and the Canadian media.

For decades, the Soviet regime denied its complicity in this heinous tragedy and deliberately suppressed all historic documentation which proved the Kremlin's pre-meditated policy to destroy the Ukrainian people. The subject of Stalin's engineered famine was banned from Soviet school curricula. Documentation of the USSR's anti-Ukrainian policies was inaccessible to researchers, historians, and the general population. Archival material on the Terror-Famine,  hidden for decades in KGB and Security Service archives, have only recently become available to the public.

The LUCW has supported public education projects in Canada and Ukraine initiated by the League of Ukrainians, such as the monumental "Holodomor: Famine by Genocide" exhibit which has been displayed in City Halls across Canada.‚Äč The exhibit was made available in digital format for univiersities around the world.