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​Ukrainians at an outdoor mass at a displacement persons camp in Germany after World War Two

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Pier 21 Project

The Pier 21 Project is the story of the third wave of Ukrainian immigration to Canada. The National Executive of the League of Ukrainian Canadian Women initiated this undertaking in order to document the experiences of Ukrainian immigrants who passed through Pier 21 in Halifax, Nova Scotia after World War II.

The multiyear project will gather testimonies, photographs, documents, artifacts, and materials of historic and archival value. The information collected will be made available to the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21.

Most Canadians know very little about the harrowing history of Canada's post-World War Two Ukrainianémigrés. Prior to their arrival in Canada, this diverse group of immigrants survived political repression under Nazi and Soviet occupiers, genocidal famine, war, forced labour, displacement, forcible repatriation, and countless other experiences. It essential that their unique stories be documented, since many of these individuals have reached an advance age and their stories need to be told.

Ukrainians who formed this third wave of immigration to Canada excelled in various careers, including politics, business, science, academia, sports, musics, literature, journalism, and the visual arts. Having overcome great adversity, this group of Ukrainian émigrés made an outstanding contribution to their community and Canadian society as a whole.